North Bay Music Awards: Success!

The Bohemian's NorBay Awards and 24-Hour Band Contest

| July 18, 2012
THE WINNERS DyaTribal were so good, they decided to become a real band. - DAVID KORMAN
  • David Korman
  • THE WINNERS DyaTribal were so good, they decided to become a real band.

Where to start? The riotous, jubilant acceptance "speech" by Church Marching Band? The amazing Beat Machine contraption, invented by a 19-year-old who works at Walmart? The grand finale, with the overflow crowd playing dozens of percussion instruments along to what turned out to be the top-scoring band?

The fact is, there were nonstop incredible moments in the Bohemian's packed-to-the-gills 2012 NorBay Awards and 24-Hour Band Contest last Saturday at the Arlene Francis Center. Radioactive's freestyle about the kids in the front row; Jason the Argonaut rhyming through a bullhorn over a hardcore song; killer cover versions of "Ain't No Sunshine," "Look at Miss Ohio," "We Got the Beat," "Hallelujah" and "Walking in Your Footsteps." Laughter, inspiration, joy.


I got home at 1am, exhausted yet gratified at the incredible success of what was by all estimation a totally ludicrous idea. To wit: on Friday night, I met with 22 willing participants and literally pulled names out of a hat to randomly assemble them into five different bands. Most of the musicians were complete strangers to each other, and I tasked them with writing two original songs together and learning one cover song in just 24 hours. At 8pm the next night, they'd return to perform in front of a live crowd.

I had no idea how it would turn out. (While rehearsals were underway, I received text after text from the band members: Do you have a megaphone we can use? Is it OK if we don't have any lyrics? When will the beatboxer show up? We wrote a song that's 18 minutes long, is that cool?) But in the end, every band rose to the challenge, and the huge crowd roared their approval, as did the judges.

So I'm very pleased to announce the winning band: Deborah Frank on vocals, Andy Graham on Slaperoo and didgeridoo, Teed Rockwell on Touchstyle Veena, Andy Maroney on drums and Dan Ford on percussion. They called themselves DyaTribal, and you might want to get used to that name; as they accepted the award, they declared that they'll keep playing together as a real band.

Of course, we had our North Bay Music Awards to hand out too, and what a tremendous turnout we had in voting this year, with 1,637 total votes! Without further ado, the winners of the 2012 NorBays:

Blues / R&B: Levi Lloyd

Country / Americana: The Crux

DJ: Zack Darling

Folk / Acoustic: Church Marching Band

Hip-Hop / Electronic: Radioactive

Indie: Girls and Boys

Jazz: Hot Club Beelzebub

Punk / Metal: No Sir

Rock: Baby Seal Club

World / Reggae: Dgiin

Thanks to all who came, and as it's updated, check on the YouTube channel for Burning Token media for videos from throughout the night. Here's to next year!

 2012 NorBay Awards and 24-Hour Band Contest

By David Korman

The Bohemian's 24-Hour Band Contest and NorBay Awards brought a packed house on July 14, 2012


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Congratulations to all the winners as well as the spontaneous talent that erupted on that stage. Thank you to the judges and audience for such an overwhelming response to our project, formerly known as "band #5". As Gabe announced the night of the event we have, indeed, decided to enter into a relationship as a "real" band. Keep an ear out for DyaTribal.

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Posted by Andy Maroney on 07/19/2012 at 12:30 PM

Thank you so much Gabe and everyone who made this night such an incredible success! I could not have dared dream that we would get a full-time band out of this crazy experiment. The crowd was amazing and all of the performers were outstanding. We have a vision to collaborate with all the talent in this area and document it well to put this place on the map as a cultural mecca. We want to collaborate with other artists to form a collective to make this happen. If you are in on this project, holler at me on DyaTribal's Facebook page.

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Posted by Deborah Axe on 07/20/2012 at 12:06 AM

This year please throw Highway Poets on your Ballot for rock

Posted by Sebastian Nau on 06/24/2013 at 5:07 PM
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