Sept. 23: Mason Jennings at Russian River Brewing Company


What do you say if you’re an artist used to playing large places like the Fox Theater in Boulder, the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn or the El Rey theater in Los Angeles when a Santa Rosa radio station asks if you want to play a free show on a one-foot high stage at a downtown brewpub? If you’re Mason Jennings, you say yes. The Minnesota songwriter has just released his seventh album, Blood of Man, and in describing it, he writes, “I wrote about how hard it is to be 34 and be a parent and sane and married and true and positive and yourself and a man and funny and a decent person and a not decent person and human and in love.” His appearance continues a tradition of KRSH 95.9-FM bringing artists from Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Records roster to town for free concerts, and it all goes down on Wednesday, Sept. 23, at the Russian River Brewing Company. 725 Fourth St., Santa Rosa. Noon. 707.545.2337.Gabe Meline


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