May 20: E-40 at 19 Broadway Niteclub


There’s some dishes to be done. Fill the sink with water, clean them, drain the sink. Carpets a little dirty. Get out vacuum, turn it on, turn it off. Dust on the bookshelves. Find duster, dust, replace duster. Like a household chore, it’s with this same perfunctory process that E-40 appeared to treat his show two months ago in Petaluma: Get to show, play hits, bail. Within 45 minutes, a guy counted a stack of cash on the stage; directly after, the Vallejo-bred rapper was out the side door and driving away in an SUV. But you wanna know the maddening thing? Those were 45 insanely great minutes. For those who’ve danced their ass off to “Sprinkle Me” live and in person, make wit’ da hurryupness when E-40 plays on Thursday, May 20, at 19 Broadway Niteclub, 19 Broadway, Fairfax. 9:30pm. $30. 415.459.1091.Gabe Meline


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