Jan. 15: Grafting Workshop at the Guerneville Library


When was the last time anyone was actually encouraged to bring a knife into a public building? (State of Montana not included.) And yet, here it is, the Sonoma County Master Gardeners’ Grafting Workshop at the Guerneville Library, whose event announcement asks to “please bring a small, sharp knife.” Crazy! Grafting, of course, is the process of fusing one limb or branch of a plant to another, used widely by horticulturists, home gardeners and even artists. You can’t really do it without a knife, truth be told, so don’t worry about Homeland Security pinning you to the ground and reading you your rights when you walk through the library doors on Saturday, Jan. 15, at the Guerneville Library. 14107 Armstrong Woods Road, Guerneville. 10:30am. Free. 707.565.2608.


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