Feb. 3: Winstrong at 19 Broadway



Friday most definitely makes my list of top five favorite movies ever. Best quote? “Puff, puff, give. Puff, puff, give!”—those words of wisdom spoken so eloquently by Ice Cube’s sidekick, Smokey. Cube’s not the only one to take on the green stuff as his muse. Snoop Dogg’s latest album, High School, boasts a suite of songs about the wacky tobacky, and North California—based reggae artist Winstrong finds irie inspiration on his latest album with DJ Jacques, A Tribute to Legends (The Ganja Refix). Interpolating classic reggae and R&B hits with new ganja-culture lyrics (“I like the way you roll it, no diggity, we about to smoke it up”), he fits right into the ever-growing weed lexicon. Winstrong plays on Friday, Feb. 3, at 19 Broadway. 19 Broadway, Fairfax. 10pm. 415.459.1091.


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