March 9: Rennie Harris Puremovement at Wells Fargo Center



Here’s a different kind of movement that doesn’t have to do with camping on public property and concerned citizens. It’s the Rennie Harris Puremovement dance group. Founded in 1992, the group strives to illustrate to the public what real hip-hop dancing is, rather than the stereotypical hip-hop scene in the media. Puremovement challenges the boundaries of hip-hop and expands the notion further with its uses of dance and acrobatics. They are internationally recognized and do their part to show their enthusiasm by holding workshops, classes, mentoring programs and public performances. Watch them, jump, dance, spin and virtually fly around onstage on Friday, March 9, at the Wells Fargo Center. 50 Mark West Springs Road, Santa Rosa. 8pm. $20—$30. 707.546.3600.


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