April 13: Zombie Prom at the Phoenix Theater



Sabertooth Zombie, No Air, Strike to Survive, In Possession, the Vibrating Antennas, Sexual Receptacle, Between Ships, Down Dirty Shake. Screaming. Zombie attire. Prom. If any of these words strike excitement in your bones, prepare to get punked out for the Zombie Prom this weekend in Petaluma. Yes, you can stop waiting for Halloween; it’s time to break out all of the fake blood and other gruesome materials being stored in the back of the closet, because admission is lower when proper zombie attire is worn. Sabertooth Zombie is easily one of the area’s best punk bands, and No Sir has just released a 7-inch brutal enough to even scare the undead. It’s going down on Friday, April 13, at the Phoenix Theater. 201 Washington St., Petaluma. 8pm. $7–$10. 707.764.3565.


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