May 26: Great Blue Heron Hall Opening at Laguna de Santa Rosa



You know the house when you see it: it’s just off Occidental Road, right before that bridge where you can see all the pretty egrets in the laguna below. Atop a slight hill, it stood for years—the Stone Farmhouse, one of Santa Rosa’s oldest, dating back to 1865. It’s now the offices for the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation, which protects and restores the laguna, aka That Awesome Expanse of Water and Wildlife You See While Riding Your Bike on High School Road. But the Stone Farmhouse can only hold so much, and the foundation this week opens its new Great Blue Heron Hall. Food, fun and environmental activities round out the day on Saturday, May 26, at 900 Sanford Road, Santa Rosa. 11am–4pm. Free. 707.927.9277.


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