July 17: Ray Davies at Uptown Theatre



Once the Kinks’ lead singer, Ray Davies is still going strong on his own, finishing up yet another album See My Friends. In addition, this Brit’s also been touring solo in both his tea-guzzling homeland and all over our coffee-addicted America. But he’s not completely alone—his supporting band is the 88, a young Californian band, Kinks aficionados themselves who ‘auditioned’ by sending him their recordings of some of his songs. They’ve been together for quite a while, so I wonder if they ever have backstage fights over what biscuits and chips really are. Whatever the case, Ray Davies plus the 88? Do the math—it’s going to be smashing. You really got me on Tuesday, July 17, at the Uptown Theatre. 1350 Third St., Napa. $52. 8pm. 707.259.0123.


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