Nov.16: Angelique Kidjo at the Napa Valley Opera House



Before Sade hit the scene, there was another chanteuse in town by the name of Angélique Kidjo. The West African singer is in a class of her own, with a voice and presence that could move mountains. Logozo, Kidjo’s first album, was released in 1992 to huge success and reached No. 1 on the Billboard World Music chart. The Benin-born superstar has since split her time between music and activism for organizations like UNICEF, Oxfam and Africa for Women’s Rights. Her song lyrics span four languages, Fon, French, Yoruba (the native language of Nigeria) and English, all sung with an intoxicatingly smooth, honey-toned wonder. Angélique Kidjo plays on Friday, Nov. 16, at the Napa Valley Opera House. 8pm. $35—$45. 707.226.7372.

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