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2012: The Music Quiz

How well do you know your year in popular music?


SEA CHANGE Frank Ocean's 'Channel Orange,' the most critically acclaimed album of the year, was preceded by what news?
  • SEA CHANGE Frank Ocean's 'Channel Orange,' the most critically acclaimed album of the year, was preceded by what news?

1. At a Hurricane Sandy Relief concert in December, the surviving members of Nirvana performed together for the first time since Kurt Cobain's suicide. Who sang?

a) Eddie Vedder

b) Tony Bennett

c) Paul McCartney

d) Courtney Love

2. In December, a certain hit song became the most viewed video on YouTube by surpassing 1 billion views. Which song was it?

a) Carly Rae Jepsen, "Call Me Maybe"

b) Psy, "Gangnam Style"

c) Justin Bieber, "Baby"

d) One Direction, "What Makes You Beautiful"

3. Amanda Palmer, who raised over a million dollars on Kickstarter for her album and tour, came under fire in September for what?

a) Failing to send digital downloads to the correct email addresses

b) Paying her tour musicians in hugs and high-fives

c) Plagiarizing lyrics from Radiohead

d) Refusing to play a promised house party for a pro-life group

4. On a September mix tape, Nicki Minaj rapped "I'm a Republican, voting for Mitt Romney." While blogs mostly took the line at face value, which politician correctly surmised that it was a joke, saying, "She likes to play different characters"?

a) Hillary Clinton

b) Barack Obama

c) Gavin Newsom

d) Condoleezza Rice

5. Which band from the '90s did not reunite in 2012?

a) No Doubt

b) Spice Girls

c) Garbage

d) Destiny's Child

e) Backstreet Boys

6. A week before his album Channel Orange was released, Frank Ocean posted to Tumblr what admission?

a) He recorded the entire album while high on bath salts

b) His first love at age 17 was with another man

c) He was leaving the group Odd Future due to ideological differences

d) He could no longer perform live due to acute agoraphobia

7. Which professional athlete, in July, tweeted that "@rushtheband RULES. Period."?

a) Tim Lincecum

b) Lance Armstrong

c) Alex Smith

d) Jeremy Lin

8. Which celebrity chef in June publicly praised Vanilla Ice and then, later that night, went to see Nickelback?

a) Mario Batali

b) Bobby Flay

c) Paula Deen

d) Guy Fieri

9. In May, the Beastie Boys' MCA, aka Adam Yauch, died at age 47. What did he stipulate in his will?

a) That 100 percent of his music royalties be donated to Planned Parenthood

b) That Run-DMC perform at his funeral

c) That his music may never be used for advertising

d) That the Dalai Lama appear in his place at Bonnaroo

10. Who among the following was included in Spin magazine's "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time" list, posted in May?

a) Jimi Hendrix

b) Eric Clapton

c) Jimmy Page

d) Stevie Ray Vaughan

e) Joe Satriani

f) Eddie Van Halen

g) Jeff Beck

h) Kirk Hammett

i) Yngwie Malmsteen

j) None of the above

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