After more than 130 years, the Ringling Brothers Circus is calling it quits this year. But never fear ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we are happy to fill the void.

While we won't be staging shows of miserable dancing elephants or bicycling bears, we intend to continue doing what we've done for years: showcasing what we think is the greatest place on earth. And judging by the results of our 2017 Best Of readers poll, we're not alone in our thinking. Thanks to your picks, the depth and breadth of Sonoma and Napa counties many attractions are plain to see and we're excited to share them in the pages that follow. We've also got a heap of editor's picks from Tom Gogola, Michael Hayes, James Knight, Charlie Swanson, David Templeton and Flora Tsapovsky to round out the list of winners, the people, places and things that make the area the spectacle it is.

This year we added to three new categories to Best Of: Health & Wellness, Home Improvement and Cannabis. Think of them as three new rings to the North Bay's circus of attractions. Let the show begin!

—Stett Holbrook, editor