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Tallying the damage of Trump's first 100 days



Donald Trump has been in office 100 days as of April 29 and as we reach this milestone (millstone?), we add up the ways the popular vote loser has been a disaster for the North Bay and civilization at large.

1. Fuel-Efficiency Fallout President Obama bails out the auto industry, and now the industry gets the back-seat deal from Trump on fuel-efficiency rollbacks? The administration has vowed to eliminate the phased-in standards. California can hold the line, says Gov. Brown, but you can't stop the guzzlers from crossing the border.

2. Bank-Fee Freedom The fine print in numerous areas of consumer concern got a lot less mean under Obama, under rules instituted by Dodd-Frank and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), both of which Trump has vowed to repeal and eliminate. For the time being, enjoy the absence of bigly overdraft fees when you go 35 cents into the red on your checking account.

3. Car-Loan Reforms The CFPB leveraged a North Bay lawsuit that paid out to thousands of car buyers who'd been subjected to discrimination at the dealership. Trump has vowed to kill the CFPB, so there goes another great reform.

4. Emergent Farmworker Shortage Who's going to work when Immigration and Customs Enforcement is in the field checking papers among the grapes?

5. Offshore Drilling Trump has pledged a renewed push for offshore drilling and a streamlined regulatory and review processes, and all bets are off when Trump's secretary of state is an Exxon diplomat whom you're not even allowed to look at.

6. Dams and Drought State Republicans called for more salmon-slaughtering, drought-beating dams in the dry season—which means more concrete, more gravel mining and more dust for anyone who agrees that this is the way to go as far as infrastructure boondoggles are concerned.

7. Planned Parenthood Putsch Access to reproductive care is threatened by Trump's call to defund Planned Parenthood, bad news for low-income women and families who depend on the services. The good news: public support for Planned Parenthood has never been higher.

8. Disconnect Decrees The Justice Department under Obama sought and obtained binding consent decrees (legal agreements) in various local police departments and jails to bring them into compliance with the Constitution. Attorney General Jeff Sessions: We're not doing that anymore.

9. Civil Rights Investigations The FBI swooped into Santa Rosa when Andy Lopez was killed by a Sonoma County sheriff's deputy. Sessions' Department of Justice?We'll take a pass, thanks.

10. Militarization of Police Trump has proposed a $753 quintillion defense budget to make America Great Again. The older military hardware trickles down to half-failed states and any needful locality with a Black Lives Matters "problem" or otherwise.

11. California McCarthyism The rugged hard-right California congressional delegation has been among the worst of the Trump throne-sniffers. Downstate, Rep. Kevin McCarthy urges federal-fund shutdown for high-speed rail and Trump calls him "my Kevin."

12. Infrastructure Buyoffs The promised trillion-dollar boondoggle will have devilish details to sort out locally, and Democratically, as the corporate-industrial juggernaut meets with the business-class POTUS and the actual need on the ground in Sonoma and elsewhere. It could get awkward with "Blue Dog" Dems like Mike Thompson pledging cooperation.

13. ICE Meltdowns New anti-immigration edicts from the administration have taken hold as California sheriffs react with varying degrees of participation and as Dreamers have nightmares about Jeff Sessions with a Gitmo switchblade.

14. Roads to Ruin Trump's road-building plan eliminates the federal Department of Transportation with its $500 million budget. OK, dude. A Petaluma pothole has meanwhile taken its latest victim.

15. Endangered Species Act I Trump's not going to let a few squirrely butterflies intrude on his business plan, as his minions push him to blow off the ESA wherever and whenever possible. The wolves can move to Canada or face execution if they don't like it.

16. Endangered Species Act II Trump-emboldened California Republican congressman Tom McClintock wants to "reform" the act to allow for logging of previously off-limits forests—to end the apocalyptic fires that have plagued the state. It therefore holds that if you support salamanders, you hate first responders. Nice try.

17. Endangered Species Act III The good news is that Trump has yet to send his sons to kill the last American buffalo—and California's ESA is a rugged and court-challenged law that has saved numerous California beasts from extinction.

18. Medical Cannabis Criminalized Expect a Sessions-driven spike in incentive raids at dispensaries seeing an uptick in business as a recreational crackdown sends users to the canna-doc. The good news is it's never too late for a CBD rubdown to shake a man to his soul.

19. Elder Abuse The elders of West Marin, Sebastopol, San Rafael and other havens of spiritual decency are in for some real pain on numerous fronts—any room for Alzheimer's research at the gutted National Institutes of Health under Trump's budget? Nope.

20. Homeless Veteran Surge It's axiomatic that if the administration withholds the number of American troops it is sending into harm's way, then their disappearance into a USS Vinsonland of "miscommunicated" priorities about care for wounded warriors will ensue upon their return.

21. Economics of Resistance Trump's election has created a surge in donations and interest in liberal and progressive groups as he's pledged to hack away at federal grants that enhance community programs. Can the donations keep pace with the promised cuts? Yes, but we may have to go Doctor Zhivago on Zuckerberg's S.F. estate.

22. Carbon Cut to Coal Crudity Ever get the feeling that this whole coal thing is just so Trump can stand around with a bunch of white guys in blackface and not get called out for it?

23. Open Encouragement of Disaster Capitalism Trump has called for a $500 million cut in FEMA's pre-pre-preparedness budget, which generally goes for stuff like fires, earthquakes or floods—nothing to worry about in California.

24. Section—Wait? Marin County has a great program where they encourage landlords (or potential ones) to take a Section 8 voucher and rent below market in exchange for a kick-in from the county to make up the diff. But HUD secretary Ben Carson thinks Section 8 is the devil's work.

25. Prisoner Program Putsch That San Quentin is one of the least violent prisons in the state is a direct reflection of its unusually high level of anti-recidivism programs, run mainly by citizens and groups from around the Bay Area. Obama put a priority on grants targeted at education and skills-training programs—a priority mocked by the new administration.

26. Let's Try That Thing Where We Lock up All the Young Black Boys Again and Hope No One Notices A "crackdown on crime" threatens any progress Obama and Black Lives Matter have made when it comes to multiple lost generations of young black boys to the prison system.

27. Hedge-Fund Mental-Health Prison Blues The American prison industry can expect a surge in new business, and with it, a surge in profit to a cadre of select vulture capitalist entities that stand to profit mightily on others' weakness, illness and pathos.

28. Encouraging Aggression Through Bully-Tactic Normalization The insidious normalization of the insane equals a possible road-rage meltdown on the commute if you dwell on it too long.

29. Tourism Industry Cooked Numerous reports have rolled in that the Trump tourism-slump is a real, ongoing deal. The good news is maybe people can afford to live around here again.

30. Brain Drain on Specialized Medical Services Trump's new guidance on visas means fewer high-degree specialists from faraway lands will be on call to replace that balky heart valve.

31. National Public Radio Silence These threats come along every once in a while, but this time they mean it! Thank God for Joan Kroc.

32. Symphony of Sorrowful Cuts It's not just kinky weird stuff—high-culture symphonies around the Bay Area rely on federal arts grants and funds in their annual budgets.

33. Museum of Museums "Hey, remember museums? Well, we've got a museum full of them. See, after Me and the Freedom Caucus heroically cut all the funding for arts and culture, we're down to one museum, but it's a big one, folks—a museum of museums! That'll be $125, double for the kids. I don't really like kids."

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