Jan. 5: Mal Sharpe at No Name Bar



We were glad to see a familiar name in this year’s SF Sketchfest lineup with the announcement of a tribute to Mal Sharpe, who with Jim Coyle revolutionized the concept of the man-on-the-street interview in the 1960s and added a touch of the absurd to the already absurdist decade. (It worked in the 1980s, too; you haven’t lived until you’ve heard Sharpe ask Reagan devotees at the Republican National Convention to name their favorite fish.) Like Woody Allen, Sharpe has been seduced by Dixieland, and plays it, properly and suitably, every week in Sausalito. Kick the new year off right, get a $7 ice cream cone and see Sharpe and band rave it up on Sunday, Jan. 5, at the No Name Bar. 757 Bridgeway, Sausalito. Free. 3—6pm. 415.332.1392.

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