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Prohibition offers Kentucky Bourbon from a Sonoma Pinot Noir Barrel


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Are you trying to pull a fast one, Prohibition Spirits? First of all, you've named your booze company after a law that bans alcohol, and now you're making bourbon, a uniquely Kentucky product, in Sonoma?

It's true, but fear not, bourbon aficionados—the spirit is born in Kentucky before being shipped to California and double-barreled in Pinot Noir barrels from Schug Winery in Sonoma. As far as taste goes, it's a spot-on, 100 proof bourbon, with hints of fruit unique to Northern California. There's a rye with similar characteristics and a white corn whiskey that's clear, perfect for mixing in drinks that require a certain color but beg for that brown liquor flavor.

Hooker's Reserve, as the whiskey line is called, is named after Union Civil War general Joseph Hooker, a feisty fighter who lived for a time in Sonoma. If he were alive today (and that would be pretty scary, actually), he'd probably stock his hand-carved liquor cabinet with General's Reserve 21-year bourbon.

The Sonoma company says it "stumbled onto something fabulous" in an old rick house in Kentucky. "What the angels left behind was amazingly complex old bourbon that can stand up to any bourbon out there," they say. Well, if it's good enough for the general, it's probably good enough for anyone.


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