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Clown Posse

'To Bury a Cat,' a lighthearted romp



During a run-of-the-mill funeral in a tiny pet cemetery, things begin to go terribly, terribly wrong when a grieving woman (Christina Lewis) brings her beloved cat (recently deceased) to be buried.

Those things include a series of accidents and miscommunications between the priest (Lluis Valls) and the gravedigger (James Pelican), resulting in fights, concussions, falling chickens, electrocution, dismemberment, live burials, lots of flying toilet paper and an extremely unorthodox use of duct tape. To Bury a Cat, presented by the offbeat clown troupe Clowns on a Stick, has no dialogue, only nonsense words ("Abba deeba-dumbadee?") and some epic clowning, performed by actual clowns, with red noses and everything.

Presented by the Sixth Street Playhouse, this guest-artist event is simultaneously lighthearted and hilariously gruesome, with Monty Pythonesque touches augmenting classic European clown schtick. The Bay Area clown trio (joined here by the Pattycake Girls, Lucienne Vintaer and Jensen Zach) rip through the 65-minute show with oodles of energy and some ingeniously inventive props. It's audacious, deliriously wicked fun.

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