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Flash and the Pan

Sonoma tattoo artist inks his favorite spots in town



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Creekside Café

239 Boyes Blvd. Open 7:30am–2pm; closed Mondays. 707.996.8062.

Picazo Café

19100 Arnold Drive. Monday through Saturday, 6am–4pm; Sunday, 9am–4pm. 707.931.4377.

Large Leather

481 First St. W. (the Plaza). Monday–Thursday, 11am–6pm; Friday–Sunday, 11am–6pm. 707.938.1042.

Mike Zakowski, aka Mike the Baker

1777 W. Watmaugh Ave. Mike's shop is not a storefront but a peek into the dedication it takes to be a great baker. 707.938.7607.

Lonesome Cowboy Ranch

18135 Sonoma Hwy. Thursday–Monday, 10:30am–7pm. 831.262.2976.

Deb Carlen/Flash Friday Vintage House

264 First St. E. (on the Plaza). Friday, 2pm. 707.996.0311.

Tarot Art & Tattoo Gallery

17077 Sonoma Hwy. (in the Springs). 707.938.3000.


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