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Art from the Heart a massive benefit auction with over 100 artists



Now a 29-year-old tradition, this year's see-and-be-seen Art from the Heart auction at SSU takes place on Jan. 19.

Previous auctions have featured goodies donated from local inns and wineries, but this year, attendees will bid strictly on the artworks themselves, generously donated from over a hundred notable sculptors, painters and conceptual creators.

Among those is San Francisco's Ray Beldner, whose 101 Portraits are blurry, low-res amalgamations of exactly that many celebrity Google searches. The misty, nearly faceless results comment on fame-worship in the digital age by silently staring back at viewers with the vapid blankness of someone who's just looked through 101 pictures of, well, anything.

Closer to home, SRJC faculty member Kristine Branscomb will also be featured. Her paintings likewise examine the intersection of media and reality, creating impressionistic, faceless scenes that play on the notion of that two-dimensional, airbrushed reality so often used to sell.

If you don't feel like donning a tie, brushing your hair or whatever dressing up for a fancy gala means to you, a free preview exhibit is held Jan. 16–18, starting at 11am. Art from the Heart is on Saturday, Jan. 19, at University Art Gallery. 1801 E. Cotati Ave., Rohnert Park. 6pm. $25 donation. 707.664.2295.

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