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Letters to the Editor: Aug. 8, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 8, 2012

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Steve Jaxon, Patron Saint of Standup Comedy

What a wonderful article ("Laughing Matter," Aug. 1). I'm so glad the Bohemian is giving props to these folks who willingly participate in one of the most vulnerable things in the world, for no pay and very few rewards. I love them! And I love that they are finally being supported in a big way.

Also, I think Sonoma County's comedy scene owes a lot to Steve Jaxon of KSRO, who regularly shines a spotlight on all of the funny people here and throughout the Bay Area.

Santa Rosa

Beyond Green

I was so pleased to see coverage of the Robert Jacob campaign for Sebastopol City Council ("Green Indeed," Aug. 1). As always, the Bohemian is at the forefront of reporting important issues.

While the work Robert does for cancer and AIDS patients needing medical cannabis is very important, I do feel that the article was overly focused on this one issue. No mention was made at all that Robert has been a compassionate activist since he was a teenager. He did so much work with the Health Initiatives for Youth in San Francisco, he started and directed the Turlock Learning Center charter school, and he has done work for Face to Face. Robert is especially talented at bringing together people with differing opinions and getting them to work together on solutions.


Note: A caption in the Robert Jacob article incorrectly identified Jacob as the owner of Peace in Medicine. He is the founder and executive director.—The Ed.

Car-Share Creativity

Great to see more people using WeGo Sonoma ("On the Go," Aug. 1)—there's certainly a lot of potential in our community, and Avego's system makes ridesharing more flexible than ever before.

Santa Rosa

Breaking with the Big Box

We have to fight the big box ("Express Lane," July 25)! Monsanto bringing in chain stores would only make GMOs more available! What about community gardens in these areas? What about guidelines on stores in areas like these and on what they need to carry to be open? There are so many other guidelines they have to go by already to have the license they have, so why not? WTF? We're going to give the go-ahead for shit like Wal-Mart but not try and bring our community together and plant a garden on all that land? Wake up! Two wrongs don't make a right!

Via online

O Accountability, Where Art Thou?

So, PG&E has refused to abide by the Sebastopol City Council's request for a delay on SmartMeter installation until the Public Utilities Commission has reached a conclusion. Their rationale, according to PG&E spokesman Greg Snapper, is that, "We believe that individual choice rather than community opt-out strikes a good balance." PG&E thus gives itself permission to act while a legally appointed agency's ruling is pending.

Following this example, my neighbor can remodel his home before he has a permit. A hotel can be built in a residential community while a zoning hearing is happening. A factory discharging chemicals into the Russian River can be constructed while an environmental impact report is still pending. Eminent domain over demolition of homes for a highway can happen while the planning commission is in the process of meeting.

Think about it, folks. Everybody has permission, just like PG&E, to do whatever they please, whenever they please, however they please, and to hell with the rest of the community, town, city, state, nation and the world. It's bad enough as it is. Do we have to make it worse?


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