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In Praise of the Phone Book

I have found the Yellow Pages to be a far more efficient way to research companies and products than the internet ("Yellow Fever," March 16). Looking up local companies and specific business categories online yields sparse information, but the Yellow Pages have high information density, always a plus. And it's easy to find your way around.But do we need the paper White Pages? Does the phone book need to include cell phones? Probably not.

Aunty M.


Sarcasm Is a Fragile Tool

Call it the making-lemonade-from-lemons mentality: I am comforted to know that the severe weather we are now witnessing is the foreshadowing of the end of war on our planet. Whether or not we want to believe it as being our fault, the Earth has decidedly declared war on us. There simply are not enough resources available to waste them fighting with each other. We're gonna need every helicopter and 4-by-4 vehicle we can get our hands on, every back that can bend to the shovel, our best and brightest minds put to the limits of their imaginations. We're in for the fight of our lives! Though we may never again be at peace with the planet, the ferocity of battling the elements will force all humanity into harmony and teach us how to work together.

Ain't it great? Peace at last!

J. T. Younger

Santa Cruz

This Arrived Before May 1

Why the Donald, his trophy wife and robotic children could be our next "first family": Time magazine (a magazine for the masses?) just nominated the world's 100 most influential people. There are nearly 7 billion people in the world. Included in Time's top 100 are Justin Bieber, Amy Poehler, a chef, a cricket player, Mark Wahlberg, Matt Damon, John Boehner and Chris Colfer (who?). Therein lies the mentality that ranks influential people. That "pop culture" mentality would vote for roadkill and-or the Donald, if it was packaged for the masses. Influential indeed.

Neil Davis


This Arrived After May 1

Bin Laden is dead, and we are celebrating. Brainwash personified. We are excited at the achievement that we did it, we killed him.

Are we all asleep, in that we are choosing to be thrilled that someone died?

Betina Mansbach


View from the Street

Thoughts from a walk on Elliot Avenue, by the Santa Rosa Junior College:

Hey, dude with the souped-up car! Do you really need to prove how much Middle Eastern oil you can burn? Do you understand that your brothers are being blown up around the world defending your "right" to burn rubber? Pay attention, young man! Your every action will create your future.

Hey, young woman with the cancer stick in your mouth! Have you watched someone die of emphysema? Have you seen a child in pain trying to breathe? Why are you giving money to a corporation that kills people for profit? Pay attention, young woman! Your every action will create your future.


Santa Rosa

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