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Peace Through Investigation

Thank you for Tom Hayden's article regarding 9-11 ten years later ("An American Blindness," Sept. 7). His has always been a voice of sanity to me over the years. He speaks in the article of the "Long War" that we are now entrenched in and how it could easily go on for decades, if not centuries. He also speaks of what I think at least 95 percent of this country's population (as well as the world's) would prefer—a "Long Peace."

To me, the obvious way to start on this path (which he doesn't mention) is a new thorough independent investigation of the events of 9-11. If indeed the horrific events of that day were actually perpetrated by factions within our own government, then the so-called "war on terror" would basically be a fraud. There are way too many unanswered questions regarding the "official story" to go into here, but a few obvious questions should be asked. What caused WTC 7 to collapse (47 stories) at freefall speed on the afternoon of 9-11? It wasn't hit by a plane, and only had a few small fires that had burned out by the time it collapsed. There also appears to have been foreknowledge of the collapse, as it was reported on BBC television a half an hour before it actually came down. Also, why was there molten steel seen in the debris of all three World Trade Center buildings? Why was there thermite (a powerful explosive) found in the dust of the collapsed buildings?

I would recommend the architects and engineers for 9-11 truth website ( to anyone interested in finding out more about these unanswered questions as well as others. Also recommended would be any of David Ray Griffin's books, but especially The New Pearl Harbor.

Unfortunately, at this point it doesn't look like a time of "Long Peace" is a reality, but I truly believe the logical way to start down that road would be if people would take the time and start to look at all the evidence available regarding 9-11 and work towards demanding a new independent investigation.

Michael Shaw

San Rafael

Say No, Loudly, to GMOs

Karen Hudson brings a range of disturbing facts to light ("Modify This!," Aug. 24), and I'm glad that someone is talking about it. It is the job of the FDA to keep our food clean. How can we feel safe if they are letting toxic chemicals be a part of the growing of food? What is the point of putting these organizations in place if they are not going to do their job? And how will we truly know what we are eating if we are not informed?

The answer is simple: let our opinions be known! Follow Hudson's advice and write to the FDA, the EPA, the World Health Organization and tell them what you think of their regulations. Change is not possible without the help of the people!

Madeleine Perez

Santa Rosa

More Exposure and Impact

I want to thank you for writing up the "What Now" show and publishing the piece. Skillful and kind. . . nicely done.I think you erred in not giving it the cover and a more thorough treatment. I believe the show is one of the most valuable and important projects currently being conducted in the United States, much more important than a theater troupe (and I'm sure they are excellent).

The "What Now" show is neither a vanity project nor a livelihood for me. It is a calling with big fish to fry, intended as a collaboration and positioned to do great good work in the world. It really could have benefited from more exposure and impact. There are voices in the archives begging to be widely heard, the voices of our most important teachers speaking to our gravest circumstances with messages of vital information and hope.

So glass half full - half empty. . .

Paul Ehrlich is spelled with an "h" . . . otherwise I'm grateful for the fine job you did.

Best to all of us!

Ken Rose

Host, "What Now," KOWS-FM

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