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'People's Temple' revisits Jonestown




"The first clear memory I have about the People's Temple and the Jonestown massacre," says Jennifer King, "is the Time magazine cover, with the photo of all those dead people. I remember feeling the shock, but I also remember feeling such deep sorrow, because they were just people who wanted to create a better life, and in desiring to create that better world, they ended up giving their power over to the wrong person."

King, artistic director of the Napa Valley College Performing Arts Center, is the director of The People's Temple, a hard-hitting play by Leigh Fondakowski (with Greg Pierotti, Stephen Wangh and Margo Hall), which opens this week at the college's performing arts center. The "documentary style" play was constructed from first-person interviews given by actual survivors of the infamous 1978 cult massacre, when the Rev. Jim Jones, founder of the Northern

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