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Pan-Asian Encounters

An Asia-Centric Celebration of the Annual Sonoma County Restaurant Week


Foodie noun (informal) 1. A person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet. 2. The demographic for whom Sonoma County Restaurant Week was created.

In this issue, we take a trip to Asia, showcasing the diversity of flavors of Sonoma County Restaurant Week, from Thailand, China, Vietnam and Japan, even adding American and French twists in places. At times the food and atmosphere at these restaurants feels so authentic, it's like taking a mini vacation. One half expects to see Anthony Bourdain chatting with a fellow chef while a film crew awkwardly careens in for a close-up of glistening fat globules floating atop a bowl of piping hot beef noodle soup.

But, no, these places are all within reasonable driving distance, and the only cameras will probably be part of a smartphone, destined for Instagram. Hashtag delicious. Hashtag foodporn. Hashtag—OK, you get the picture.


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