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December 20-26, 2006

This fall, eight talented students from Santa Rosa High School's ArtQuest program filed into the filthy warren that we like to call our offices. Armed with old-fashioned cameras (remember film?) they agreed to document the communities around them as a special treat for this issue.

Over the course of several months, they filed back into our filthy warren and sipped our tepid water while working with their mentor teachers, Tanya Braunstein and Glen Graves, and me to find the best ways to reflect the North Bay back to itself through the medium of photography.

Initially, all thephotographers were to shoot on the same day. But stuff happens. Instead, they documented the exact time on a weekend day and where they were when they were struck so well.

Our cover and those images chosen for this page reflect only a minute sliver of the good work that these young artists did. We're proud to showcase them this holiday season.

--Gretchen Giles

Click on the photo to glimpse a larger version.

Gateway: Sebastopol, 12:35pm. A boy rallies for the troops at the town's weekly protest against the war. Photograph by Chelsea Walsh.

First page biker: Cotati, 4pm. Outside of the Trade Winds on a Wednesday afternoon. Photograph by Lisa Kelly.

Grandpa and girl with balloon: St. Helena, 1pm. Little girl and balloon with UFW protesters outside of CK Mondavi Vineyards. Photograph by Francesca Longlin.

Flag: Occidental, 4:40pm. Terry Ann Gillette laughs while making bubbles outside of her shop, the Flying Turtle. Photograph by Claire Sloan.

Bubble thing: Valley Ford, 3pm. Flag and pole, reminders of Christo and Jeanne-Claude's Running Fence. Photograph by Cayla Crum.

Second page light fixture: Calistoga, 2:45pm. The light fixture above the Wappo Bar & Bistro. Photograph by Meredith Koenne.

Not kill: Sebastopol, 12:56pm. A man rallies against the war at the town's weekly protest. Photograph by Chelsea Walsh.

Men on bench: Healdsburg, 5:45pm. Two businessmen chat while waiting to be seated at a restaurant. Photograph by Freesia Levine.

Girl: Santa Rosa, 2pm. Rachael Ingram, an employee at Riley Street art supply store, peruses the shelves. Photograph by Alex Molinari.

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