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Andrew Bird documentary 'Fever Year' at the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival



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Don't-miss films selected by artistic director Jason Perdue

La Source Opening night in the new home of the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival, Sebastopol Center for the Arts at the Sebastopol Veterans Building. Thursday, March 21, at 7pm.

The Lost Bird Project Special screening at the Laguna Foundation's new Heron Hall. Story of an artist's quest to honor species of extinct birds, followed on Saturday morning by a bird-watching tour through the Laguna. Friday, March 22, 7pm.

Lost Landscapes of San Francisco Special interactive presentation of lost and never-before-seen films of historic San Francisco with archivist Rick Prelinger. Audience participation is encouraged. Saturday, March 23, 1:30pm.

Where Heaven Meets Hell Beautifully shot story of the back-breaking work involved in mining sulfur on the side of an Indonesian volcano. Saturday, March 23, 2pm.

Informant Story of celebrated activist-turned-FBI-informant Brandon Darby. Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the DOC NYC festival. Saturday, March 23, 7pm.

The Invisible Men Following three courageous gay Palestinian men as they flee their families and threats of death to go undercover in Israel. Filmmaker Yariv Mozer will be in attendance from Tel Aviv, Israel. Sunday, March 24, 1:15pm.

Betting the Farm Following film, Slow Food Russian River hosts dairy-themed tasting to close festival. Sunday, March 24, 6pm.

Tickets available through or the Sebastopol Center for the Arts, 282 S. High St., Sebastopol. 707.829.4797.

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