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Ah, the Open Mic. This is the one space in the paper, besides the letters section, where we don't just want your input—we rely on your input. It's a space we leave open and free to all comers, where a fiery and well-turned argument will always find a home.

Please don't take this as a threat, but—you really do not want the Bohemian staff to start filling the Open Mic with half-baked opinions about everything and everything.

The last thing our readers needs is for news editor Tom Gogola to start going off on his thoughts regarding, say, anchovies on pizza. His proposed editorial? "Anchovies should be mandatory." We're sure some of you disagree. Tell us why.

Similarly, do you really want to read editor Stett Holbrook defending lard, week in and week out, in this space? Because Holbrook is prepared to do just that.

Vegans and anchovy-haters of the North Bay! Throw down an ace column of your own! Take a side and argue it to its raw bone of truth, and we'll make sure we run it, even if—especially if—we couldn't disagree more. We are here to challenge, and to be challenged.

It is preferable that we hear from our readers—all of our readers—who have an opinion to share, and the ability to do so in 350 words more or less. We want fresh perspectives on hot-button issues, well-turned screeds and savage indictments of the odious and the corrupted.

So next time you're about going to go on a ranting spree at Craigslist, check those contrails, adjust your tinfoil hat and crank it out for the Bohemian instead.

We'll run it, unless you stray from common decency and into libelous waters. We're trying to keep an open mind—and more to the point, trying to keep the Open Mic true to its original vision.

Open Mic is a weekly feature in the 'Bohemian.' We welcome your contribution. To have your topical essay of 350 words considered for publication, write



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