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Weed Workers Unite?


Sounds like we need an ICE raid in the cannabis industry ("Look for the Union . . . Edible," March 19)


This is clearly work for slave labor, undocumented Democrats that don't pay taxes.


Renewables Reaction

There needs to be some skepticism regarding the number of jobs created by wind and solar installations ("Full Tilt," February 26; see also this week's News Briefs). In Michigan, we were told a large number of jobs would be created by a 700 acre solar "farm" to be placed on actual prime farmland. When pressed for the actual number of FTE jobs, the developer admitted the cited jobs would only be during construction and after that, they would only have 2 to 5 FTEs. While there is a need for more clean energy, it needs to be placed responsibly. The proposed 700 acres of solar would not reduce CO2 in the air as much as the same acres of crops.


Stuttering Awareness

Do you stutter? Do you know someone who does? Most people do. More than three million Americans and 70 million people across the globe stutter, but sadly it is still quite misunderstood. Help us change that. May 13-19 is National Stuttering Awareness Week. To support the stuttering community, the nonprofit Stuttering Foundation launched a new website——with easy-to-find information like articles, brochures, magazines, videos, research reports and counselor referrals, with a new laptop- and mobile-friendly interface.

The Stuttering Foundation has accurate, trusted information about stuttering and free help on its new website—

Please take a look and tell a friend.


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